Announcing Nicolas Steenhout, our 2022 Keynote Speaker

WordPress Accessibility Day 2022 Keynote: Open Source and accessibility: do it with us, not for us. Wednesday Nov. 2, 2022 at 15:00 UTC (10:00 AM Chicago - 5:00 PM Paris). Nicholsa Steenhout, Accessibility Consultant, Part of a Whole

WP Accessibility Day 2022 is honored to announce Nicolas Steenhout as our keynote speaker. Nic has decades of involvement working on accessibility in the world of open source software. With his breadth of experience as an accessibility advocate and developer, he’s able to offer an in-depth perspective on the nature and responsibilities of open source software.

WordPress, as a globally-significant tool, strives to “democratize publishing.” In practical terms, this is the goal of all open source publishing platforms. But how often do we succeed? Where we fail, how can we improve?

For WordPress Accessibility Day 2022, Nic will discuss these key responsibilities in his keynote speech: “Open Source and accessibility: Do it with us, not for us.

Join us on November 2nd at