Cloudways: Leveraging the Cloud for Accessibility

WP Accessibility Day 2022 Platinum sponsor Cloudways. Cloudways is all about simplicity and freedom for online businesses. From the choice of five industry-leading cloud providers to 1-Click platform operations, Cloudways ensures that your visitors do not have to face slow loading websites and security.

Cloudways is a Platinum sponsor of WordPress Accessibility Day 2022 and a long-time proponent of usability on the web. Their platform is all about simplicity and freedom for online businesses.

About Cloudways

Cloudways offers managed and flexible multi-cloud hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. Their managed WordPress hosting is a breath of fresh air compared to traditional complex hosting environments and allows you to quickly and easily scale your website the way you want.

Cloudways’ cutting-edge cloud hosting features include smart updates, advanced caches coupled with Cloudflare CDN for fast performance, and simple server administration. Their features all come together to provide a seamless and scalable cloud hosting experience you’ll love.

Accessibility Resources from Cloudways

Cloudways has a wealth of information on its blog for agencies and freelancers, many of which are authored and led by trusted people in the WordPress and accessibility communities. We especially recommend watching their webinars, which are packed with valuable information that will help you grow your agency or web development business.

Here are a few webinars that we think would be a great follow-up to WordPress Accessibility Day presentations or excellent resources to share with your clients if they’re not yet sold on accessibility:

In addition to providing valuable educational resources on its website, Cloudways also has a Facebook group for Cloudways users. This group is a great place to learn and connect with other Cloudways users around the globe, whether you want to talk about accessibility, performance, or making the most of your website.

Can the cloud help accelerate accessibility?

Have you wondered where accessibility starts and what role hosting companies can play in the larger accessibility ecosystem? Tune in for Robert Jacobi, Director of WordPress at Cloudways’ talk, “Can the Cloud Accelerate Accessibility?” on November 2, 2022 at 22:00.

Robert’s lightning talk will discuss the cloud’s fundamental role in providing access and support for developers and end users. And the need for that environment to be accessible is an important first step to broader accessibility on the web. Robert will talk about the many different aspects of how cloud resources and cloud computing can support your accessibility needs.

Special Cloudways Offer for WordPress Accessibility Day Attendees

Cloudways is offering a $50 hosting credit (up to 4 months of free hosting) to WordPress Accessibility Day attendees. Visit Cloudways’ sponsor page for more details.