CodeGeek: “Web Accessibility Is For Everyone”

WordPress Accessibility Day 2022 Silver Sponsor CodeGeek designs and builds custom, accessible websites and web apps for almost every industry. Award-winning WordPress For everyone

After being blown away by the high-caliber presentations during the 2020 WP Accessibility Day, CodeGeek decided to once again become a sponsor, this time at the Silver Level!

CodeGeek designs and builds accessible, award-winning custom websites and web applications for WordPress and other CMSs, and they’re firm believers that the web should be accessible for everyone

The Geeks have a strong focus on website accessibility for everything they build, including their own website, website builds and accessibility audits they do for clients, and the CodeGeek Blocks plugin and CodeGeek Theme they built especially for WordPress websites.

We asked CodeGeek what two key things they believe should be improved regarding accessibility for WordPress, and they said:

  1. Alt tags for images in the Media Library should be required—or the image should be marked specifically as decorative.
  2. There needs to be increased commitment to higher accessibility standards for WordPress-supported plugins, potentially even creating a badge for plugins in the repository to certify that they meet accessibility standards.

(Great answers, CodeGeek—we agree!)

Want to put CodeGeek’s web accessibility chops to work on your site? You’re just in luck because they’re offering $50 off their Website Spot Check with your registration for WP Accessibility Day.

Make sure to look in your digital swag bag or check out CodeGeek’s sponsor page for more details.