António Carreira is a typical Portuguese young man in his 50's, slightly overweighted and with a lot less hair than desired.

António Carreira (He)

Web Developer



About António Carreira

I started doing 3D visualization in the early 90’s and quickly became addicted to learning new stuff like graphic design, photography, video editing, programming, web design, etc.

I’ve worked for a few companies as a 3D artist, web designer and project manager, and ended up starting my own company. I still do 3D visualization, photography and graphic design, but my main focus is Web Design, that turned out to be the perfect area to combine everything I learned over the years.

Besides the technical side of coding and design, it allowed me to learn a lot more about human interaction, color theory, design principles, usability, accessibility and a lot of other stuff. And after all these years, I feel like I’m still learning something new every day.