Lazar, a blind man, wearing a blue button down shirt and using his laptop.

Lazar Bulatovic (Him)

Blind Public Speaking Coach



About Lazar Bulatovic

Lazar Bulatovic is the first and only blind public speaking coach in the world. Due to the difficulties to find the right employment and many unpleasant experiences with recruiters, he decided to start own business. He now helps entrepreneurs get confident as presenters and sell more using the power of public speaking.

Lazar is also a well-versed user of screen reader software and other assistive technology products for the blind due to the experience of more than 15 years. Lazar also provides accessibility testing services for websites and software solutions.

Lazar presents on a regular basis, and has been awarded with second place at the international speech contest in Slovenia. Along with English, Lazar speaks German and Russian.

He is graduated as a sociologist and enjoys swimming fishing and going out with friends.