Nikole Garcia is a mid-40s female with short brown hair and a Marvel t-shirt.

Nikole Garcia (she/her)

Full Stack Developer

United States

About Nikole Garcia

Nikole has been a WordPress developer since 2004. A lifelong learner, Nikole has racked up an impressive list of languages and technologies in her toolkit to tackle anything her work throws at her. While the tools and skills are important, lifting others up is something Nikole values the most.

This is why Nikole works with local educators and community partners to teach technology to students and those who are new to the industry. Through hosting internships, teaching in-class programs, and being involved in community events, Nikole is immersed in sharing her passion with the next generation of coders.

Nikole also sits on the boards of the Lane Computer Science Regional Advisory Committee and Bitforest (an indie game development nonprofit) to further promote the growth of technology education in her community.