Peteris is a white man with medium brown hair and short beard. He is standing in front of the windowsill on which is a large, green houseplant.

Peteris Jurcenko (Mr)

CEO/ UX designer/ accessibility expert

SIA Turn Digital


About Peteris Jurcenko

Specialized in accessibility and invisible design, Mr Jurčenko provides training on web accessibility to state institutions. He also works with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development on preparing accessibility guidelines. He is the organizer of the first WordCamp conference in Latvia. Author of Initiative, Latvia. raises web accessibility topics in Latvia, whose initiative brings together both people with disabilities who are directly impacted by ill-considered web design and tech experts who can help improve everyone’s experience.

Pieklustamiba’s team has participated not only in COVID-19 vaccination and in digital certificate implementation projects in Latvia, but it has also researched accessibility statements’ presence in organizational web pages, collaborating with the Latvian Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.