Sally Thoun is a smiling older white woman with salt n pepper hair in a ponytail to one side wearing blue glasses.

Sally Thoun (She/Her)

Owner / Head of U.S. Partnerships

Sa11y Gurl Digital Accessibility|Marketing / AAAtraq

United States

About Sally Thoun

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Sally has had an exciting career in broadcast entertainment with Warner Bros. International Television in Canada, Burbank Headquarters, and Disney. After completing her corporate time in broadcast sales, Sally moved into digital marketing, working with WordPress Developers.

WordCamp, MeetUp, Wapuu, GitHub, and Accessibility were not part of her vocabulary two years ago. Thus began her Accessibility and WordPress journey at the First Northern Los Angeles Accessibility Mega Meet-Up in August 2020. Her passion for learning Accessibility and WordPress has taken Sally on an unimagined and incredible journey. She has since spoken at a few Regional WordCamps and Meetups, most recently as a first-time speaker at WordCampUS 2022 to inspire others to start their Accessibility Journey to make a difference in someone’s life.

Accessibility now plays a significant role in her boutique agency, Sa11y Gurl Digital Accessibility & Marketing, where she empowers small business owners on the importance of building Accessible websites with authentic marketing through alternative SEO practices. She also has a hybrid role as head of U.S. Sales and Partnerships with AAAtraq, which helps businesses start their Accessibility journey at an affordable price along with Accessibility Insurance to protect them along the way.

What an honor to be a part of WordPress Accessibility Day 2022, which was her second volunteer experience, to honor Sumner Davenport, who has been a mentor to herself and many others.