Tamar Schapira is a mid aged, brown haired woman smiling and wearing a black t-shirt with the SenseIT logo on the left hand side.

Tamar Schapira (She/Her)

Co-founder & CEO



About Tamar Schapira

Tamar Schapira plays to win not only for herself but for the team, society, and Israel. Momprenuer, mentor, motivator, Tamar is an ambitious, high-energy, and results-driven entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in management and business development and a life-long interest in Zionism. Tamar grew up in the United States and moved to Israel as a teen to join the IDF where she ascended to the rank of Sergeant. Her bilingual skills assisted in her work in emergency management, diplomacy, counterterrorism, and as a translator and transcriber. She has degrees in Government and in Diplomacy, and extensive experience in project management, planning and organization, e-commerce marketing strategy, budget and finance management, strategic planning, creating tactical solutions, and more. Tamar has honed her talents at Fortune 500 companies, hotel chains, international manufacturers, and as an entrepreneur. When a disability challenged a friend, she refocused and recommitted to accessibility. Since 2014 Tamar has been guiding public and private companies on how to make their spaces, services, and digital offerings inclusive, and she is now building SenseIT to focus on eliminating the gap between those who can and cannot use the internet which is where so much of life happens.

Reflecting on her role as the co-founder of an Israeli startup while raising a young family, Tamar says, “I believe building my business from the ground up is the only way to truly grow a business – to know every aspect, move as fast as possible, know your limitations, seek assistance when needed, and always move forward.”

Tamar loves to bake, cook, and run – all ways to nourish herself and others. She is happy to share her skills, experience, and advice with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and businesspeople. As SenseIT CEO and Co-Founder, Tamar’s nurturing ways and passion to identify problems are being directed to create solutions to help businesses succeed and positively impact society.