Schedule and Speakers Announced!

Grid of 40 different speaker headshots and the words "WordPress Accessibility Day 2022 Speakers. Join Us November 2-3"

The WordPress Accessibility Day organizing team is pleased to announce that our schedule and speakers are now available on the website.

About the Schedule

Visit the schedule page to see the great talks we have planned for this year. There are panel discussions, 15-minute lightning talks, and longer 50-minute presentations. Topics covered include making beautiful accessible websites, form accessibility, theme development, choosing plugins for accessibility, writing good alternative text, and more. There are sessions for all experience levels: designers, developers, content creators, accessibility testers, and advocates.

Like WordPress Accessibility Day 2020, the event has a single track and will run for 24 straight hours from 14:45 UTC (8:45 AM America/Chicago – 4:45 PM Paris) on Wednesday, November 2nd until 15:00 UTC (9:00 AM America/Chicago – 5 PM Paris) on Thursday, November 3rd. The event will kick off with opening remarks from co-lead organizer Joe Dolson, followed by a keynote speaker. Stay tuned – we’ll be announcing our keynote speaker soon!

See the schedule now.

About Our Speakers

This year we have 40 different speakers from 14 countries worldwide. We’ll be sharing more about the diversity of our speakers in a future post, but we’re proud to announce that 40% of our sessions have at least one speaker who identifies as living with a disability.

Please visit our speakers page to see the great people who will be speaking at WordPress Accessibility Day 2022, and make sure to give them a shout-out on social media.