Boost up conversions with accessible e-commerce

November 3, 2022 at 12:00 UTC

In the first part of this panel Anne Bovelett (all-rounder accessibility advocate) and Piccia Neri (UX & UI designer focussing on accessibility) will discuss daily web usage experiences with a blind user, Lazar Bulatovic, and a colour-blind developer, Antonio Carreira.

In the second part, we’ll focus on examining their experience specifically when it comes to making purchases on e-commerce websites. This will highlight how much money is left on the table when the shopping experiences we design do not take accessibility into consideration.

The panel will close with a series of immediately actionable, practical tips from both a design point of view (from Anne and Piccia) and a development point of view (from Antonio).

Session Video


António Carreira is a typical Portuguese young man in his 50's, slightly overweighted and with a lot less hair than desired.
Web Developer, MindProcess
Lazar, a blind man, wearing a blue button down shirt and using his laptop.
Blind Public Speaking Coach, GlobalSpeak
Anne-Mieke Bovelett is a white, blue-eyed woman, with long blond dreadlocks and turquoise coloured glasses and a lot of wrinkles from smiling.
Accessibility & Possibility Advocate, ANNEBOVELETT.EU
Piccia Neri is a white woman in her 50s, with long grey hair tied up at the back, wearing glasses and a smile in the sun.
Designer, speaker, educator and accessibility advocate, Piccia Neri/ Design for Conversions