Digital Accessibility Testing: How to Get It Right

November 3, 2022 at 06:00 UTC

All people have the right and the ability to use the internet and participate in the digital world as they wish and as they are capable of. When speaking of users with disabilities, there are specific ways and functions by which people use digital products. Digital accessibility is the inclusive practice that removes barriers for people with disabilities.

As technology progresses and digital product development accelerates, digital accessibility is left behind and generally prioritized at the bottom of the list. This is primarily because assessing a product’s accessibility is a manual process. To overcome this problem, assessing for accessibility must be integrated early and continuously in development. We need to find a way to test and assess the product by interacting with its elements and components. Hence, the usability test for accessibility needs to be automated.

In this session, Tamar Schapira, Co-Founder and CEO of Sense-IT will provide a proven automated methodology to assess, identify, and remediate accessibility violations for any web application.

The audience will leave the session with the following takeaways

  1. Understand the relationship between Equality, Equity, and Business Success
  2. Learn about the important of accessibility testing being shifted left in the development cycle
  3. See a live demo of a modern and innovative accessibility test automation technology leveraging Selenium

Session Video


Tamar Schapira is a mid aged, brown haired woman smiling and wearing a black t-shirt with the SenseIT logo on the left hand side.
Co-founder & CEO, SenseIT