How we made Joomla 4 accessible

November 3, 2022 at 11:00 UTC

In this session, Carlos will explore the features and changes the Joomla accessibility team made to Joomla to improve its accessibility: from improving Joomla’s accessibility as a content editing tool to helping Joomla 4 users create more accessible websites.

Joomla and WordPress share a lot of user base, and are both free open source projects that are community based. We can learn from each other success and failures. In this talk, as a member of the Joomla Accessibility Team, Carlos will go through the decisions they had to make to create a more accessible CMS.

Session Video


Carlos Cámara is a white man in his 40's with short black hair and a grey t-shirt with a joomla badge pinned.
Web Developer, Hepta Technologies