Inclusive Coding and Design

November 3, 2022 at 08:00 UTC

Blind people are often unable to do basic things on the web, because developers don’t follow accessibility standards. Where most talks explain ways to make websites equally available regardless of disability, experiences of real users are left behind. This speech aims to show how the inaccessible web affects daily life for the blind. With practical examples, you will learn about the most frequent difficulties on websites this community deal with. You will also understand the limits to the speech software users caused by negligence, or inappropriate accessibility testing. Consequently, developers and designers will become aware of this issue and make sure their websites are inclusive to everyone.

The presentation will cover:

  • Importance of accessibility;
  • everyday challenges of the blind due to the inaccessible web;
  • Troubles experienced by the speaker himself;
  • How should developers and designers approach the accessibility;
  • Demonstration of accessible and inaccessible website with the screen reader
  • Basic rules of website accessibility for developers;
  • Website Accessibility tools vs real life testing

Session Video


Andrija is a white man ih his late 20's with short black hair, dark-brown eyes and short facial hair on his chin
Technical Website Builder III, GoDaddy
Lazar, a blind man, wearing a blue button down shirt and using his laptop.
Blind Public Speaking Coach, GlobalSpeak