Lightning Talks: Round 2

November 2, 2022 at 22:00 UTC

Presented by

WP Engine
Gravity Forms

Can the Cloud Accelerate Accessibility?

Where does accessibility success start? What is the role of a hosting company in the larger ecosystem of accessibility? At the root, the cloud's fundamental role is to provide access and support for developers, end users. If the environment is accessible, that's an important first step to accessibility. Robert will talk about the many different…
Robert Jacobi is a white male with short brown hair, full beard, and handlebar mustache.
Director, WordPress, Cloudways

Aria State Management and Modern CSS

Explore how to use CSS and Aria States to control the display of accordion cells. This take on modern CSS with aria based selectors brings aria states and controls into the forefront so that developers will create accessible first components instead of adding aria as an after thought. [able]
Nick is a white male in his early 40s. He has dark hair and beard with plenty of natural silver highlights.
Lead Developer, ReaktivStudios

Introducing Accessibility to Existing Designs

Introducing accessibility into the design process can be tricky, even more-so when you work within the confines of an existing design system and brand. In this talk, Katie will address how the Digital UX Design team at WP Engine tackled this process and laid the framework for accessible design moving forward. [able]
Katie Gleason is a woman. She's standing in front of a light green wall, smiling. She is wearing a black blazer with a blank shirt underneath, and her hair is bright pink.
Web Designer, WP Engine