Speaker Submission Deadline Extended!

Announcement WP Accessibility Day Speaker Deadline Extended to August 15th. Apply to speak now.

Need a bit more time? Well, that’s fair – so do we!

It turns out that the middle of summer is a tough time for scheduling – and we only gave you three weeks to get your talks submitted. We’ve got a great pool of talks already awaiting review, but we want to have yours, too!

The new deadline is August 15th – but this one is a hard deadline, since we’re going to need some time to read through these wonderful submissions and make those hard decisions.

What happens next?

What a great question!

After August 15th, we’ll start the super-interesting process of selecting talks and setting a schedule. We’ll first rank the talks using anonymized information about the submissions – all of the information that might be personally identifying is stripped out, so we can focus on the content alone.

That doesn’t finish the selection, however. Choosing on content alone might leave us with three talks by the same person (this did happen in 2020!), or with poor representation from some aspects of the diverse WordPress community. After we’ve selected our first set of talks, we’ll do a second pass to intentionally shape a diverse and representative group of speakers.

Our goal is to contact every applicant during the week of September 15th to let you know one way or the other, including potential backup speakers, should somebody be unable to follow through on their intentions.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t wait until the last minute, unless that’s something that works well for you. (Fellow procrastinators of the world, unite!) Submit your talk now!