Sponsoring Was a “No Brainer” for The A11y Collective

WordPress Accessibility Day Silver Sponsor the A11y Collective. Whether you're a designer, developer, product owner, webmaster or content creator, you have the power to make impact. The A11Y Collective offers online courses about web accessibility you can study at your own pace.

Seeing that WordPress is the largest and most popular CMS in the industry today, it only made sense for The A11y Collective to help support WordPress Accessibility Day. Like many of us in the WordPress Community, they realize that by making a large impact in WordPress, you can make a huge impact on the web as a whole.

About The A11y Collective

The A11y Collective’s goal is to make web accessibility knowledge more accessible. They promote that idea with fully accessible e-learning content in the form of video courses. Their online courses are engineered for all audiences and skill levels in web content production, from designers and developers to content writers and product owners. Check out their full list of courses on A11y Collective’s website.

The A11y Collective’s vision for accessibility in WordPress

We’ve been asking all our sponsors what they would like to see improved in WordPress to improve accessibility in the content management system or the websites built with it overall. Here’s what the A11y Collective said:

If there was one key thing that The A11y Collective would change about accessibility in WordPress, it would be to improve upon what has already been built instead of continuing to add new features. They would like to see WordPress use its position of popularity as the #1 CMS as a unique opportunity to lead the way in accessibility rather than just making it an afterthought.

Cheers to that, A11y Collective!

Special A11y Collective offer for WordPress Accessibility Day Attendees

The A11y Collective has bundled all of its current and future courses on Web Accessibility in a bundle called The A11y Collective Essentials. It is the best deal for studying all aspects of accessibility, and with your registration for WP Accessibility Day, you’ll get an additional 25% off!

For more details and to get the coupon code visit their sponsor page.