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About Accessible Web

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Achieve Long-Lasting Web Accessibility

Create business opportunities for your web design and development agency through web accessibility. Our suite of WCAG tools and services was developed with you in mind, allowing your agency to add a new revenue channel while helping your clients become ADA and AODA-compliant.  Interested in learning more? Get in touch!

A Solution for Every Accessibility Need

Empower your Team with Tools

Accessible Web RAMP – Discover, monitor, and remediate web accessibility violations on any website or web app all in one platform.

Accessible Web Helper Extension – Streamline your process by scanning website pages, highlighting violations, and checking contrast rations straight from your browser.

Guided Manual Audit Tool – Achieve full conformance through a series of tests to comprehensively audit for all WCAG success criteria.

Go Beyond with Expert Services & Education

WCAG Audits Service – Our team of certified auditors will thoroughly analyze your website or web app, identify web accessibility issues, and recommend solutions.

Usability Testing – Our Team of individuals with disabilities will test your website or web app using their assistive technologies and provide actionable feedback.

Online Accessibility Courses – Accessible Web Academy offers comprehensive web accessibility courses targeted to your position to help you apply your skills where it matters most.

About Our Team

Headquartered in Burlington, Vermont, our hybrid-remote team is spread out across the US and Canada. We are passionate about digital accessibility, equality, and inclusivity. We love the feeling of leaving work for the day knowing that we’re making an actual difference in people’s lives.

Accessibility is an ongoing journey. We want to make the process of building accessible websites and applications approachable and sustainable. We believe the digital accessibility movement is at a tipping point; soon, all developers will be required to understand how to build accessible products. We want to lead this change in an effort to support the universal right to access information and technology.