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About ITX

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ITX is a custom software development company founded in 1997; we’re excited to be celebrating our 25th birthday this year!

In 2020, we launched a company-wide dialogue on diversity and inclusion that inspired the 2021 publication of Getting Started With Product Inclusion, an eBook that introduces the implications of exclusion and benefits of inclusive design.

This year, we demonstrated our commitment to accessibility and inclusion by completely rebuilding our very own site,, to be WCAG AA-compliant at minimum. Our commitment resulted in a transparent, behind-the-scenes look into building an accessible site on WordPress. We presented our step-by-step process in a second eBook, Product Inclusion in Practice: A New

Our Services

Generate value for your customers with custom software products.

  • Software Product Strategy: At ITX, we believe that every product development process, and successful Software Product Strategy, begins with your Vision for the product.
  • Product Architecture, Development & Security: Our Delivery Teams build your software product from the ground up, starting with product architecture, to ensure its functionality, compliance, and security.
  • User Experience Design: Bring joy to your users and drive retention by deploying software people love to use.
  • Data Science: ITX’s Data Science services team will unleash the predictive capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help validate business decisions.

ITX is proud to be a global team with a remote-first approach that allows us to bring together diverse teams to collaborate on client work. Our corporate headquarters is in Rochester, NY, but ITX offices and team members can be found across the U.S., throughout the Americas, and around the world. Learn more at:

Video Description

Video shows the history of IXT and contains the following words:

  • 1997 The journey begins. ITX is founded to help clients solve complex technology problems. We were different from the beginning. We didn’t have an office for the first two years.
  • 2000 IXT is a pioneer in remote work. Technology ignited our global search for the finest talent.
  • 2001 we began developing innovative websites.
  • 2008 During the Great Recession, IXT grew. Acquired Spider Graphics, Logical Solutions.
  • 2008 A more mature organization was required. Executive team established.
  • 2010 Strategic services followed soon after. Product strategy, UX design, Architecture, Development, Security, Product Marketing.
  • 2012 We knitted IXT together by refining our values. Integrity, Innovation, Elegance, Mastery, Success.
  • 2014 New practice areas were required. Innovation and architecture became distinct from delivery.
  • 2014 Our culture also matured. Values performance assessment.
  • 2016 First X10 conference.
  • 2018 We continued to grow through talent. Acquired Media Design and New Medio.
  • 2022 Expanded our services. Data Science, UX Content, Manged DevOps, Accessibility. And put our mission into action. We deliver technology that solves challenging problems so that our clients can move, touch, and inspire the world.
  • As we celebrate 25 years… and counting.