About NerdPress

Silver Level Sponsor

Running a website can be a tricky, complicated business. Many things can go wrong, especially on the technical side. In addition to supporting WordPress Accessibility Day, NerdPress provides support and maintenance for WordPress site owners, including publishers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Freedom from Website Anxiety

NerdPress clients no longer stress about their website because the NerdPress team takes over the boring, tedious (and sometimes terrifying) tasks of managing their WordPress sites. They carefully developed their WordPress Support, and Maintenance Plans to save time to eliminate the frustration of running a WordPress site. These plans reduce website anxiety to focus on what you do best – running your business!

NerdPress provides peace of mind by taking care of:

  • Nightly, off-site, redundant backups
  • Regular Plugin & Core Updates (and fixes if an update breaks anything!)
  • Core Web Vitals optimization
  • Firewall & CDN through Cloudflare Enterprise
  • Security Monitoring & Hacking Recovery
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • SSL and Domain Expiration Monitoring
  • Accessibility Improvements
  • …and more!

Accessibility Plug-In for Alt Tags

Their support plans include Quick Support Requests, which can also be used to correct minor accessibility issues — such as fixing font contrast, underlining links, or removing animated sliders.

NerdPress is also the creator of Alt Text Tools, a lightweight, free plugin available in the repository. It provides a CSV (comma separated values) file that lists all of the content’s images on a site and their corresponding Alt attributes. The plugin makes it easy to identify all the images that are missing (or have incorrect) Alt Text.

Values and Experience

NerdPress maintains long-term relationships with its clients, using “real people” language, not confusing jargon and tech-speak. Their goal is to be The Best WordPress Support Team On The Planet, and their core values of helpfulness and proactivity are truly at the heart of everything they do — which explains why they have worked with clients for as long as twenty years. Their wide range of experience supporting hundreds of sites proves that they are a trusted partner to help you succeed.