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About Yoast

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With over 13 million active downloads worldwide, the Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins worldwide. Yoast SEO offers many advanced SEO tools and features to help site owners increase their site’s visibility. The WordPress plugin comes free, but also has a paid Premium plan. Yoast’s mission? Making SEO available for everyone!

With the recognizable red, orange, and green bullets, the plugin gives feedback on your SEO efforts and the readability of your content. Next to that, it supports site owners by handling technical things in the background, like building a solid linking structure, and automatically generating a lot of structured data for your site.

Learn all about SEO!

Yoast really takes you by the hand while doing SEO! You’ll get educated about all aspects of SEO by reading our blog posts or by doing (free) training courses in Yoast SEO academy. So you can obtain the essential skills you need to get started on your SEO strategies right away.