WordPress Accessibility Day is organized by a group of volunteers from around the WordPress community. We’re working together to help promote accessibility on the web. Learn more about us below.

Joe is a white male in his mid 40s wearing glasses with short brown hair.

Joe Dolson

Lead Organizer, Speaker Team Lead, Owner of Accessible Web Design

Amber Hinds is a woman in her 30's with fair skin, rosy cheeks, and light brown hair

Amber Hinds

Lead Organizer, Marketing Team Lead, CEO of Equalize Digital

Bet Hannon is a short middle-aged white woman with short hair

Bet Hannon

Organizer, Sponsor Team Lead, CEO of Bet Hannon Business Websites

Isla Waite is a mid-forties white woman with long, dark curly hair and dark brown eyes.

Isla Waite

Organizer, Volunteer Team Lead, Brand Strategist at Marketing by Design

Richard Gauder is a Caucasian male with short, dark hair wearing dark rimmed glasses and a blue button-down shirt.

Richard Gauder

Organizer, Post-Event Team Lead, Founder of CMS Web Solutions

Ahmed Chaion is an Indian male wearing a suit, red bowtie, and a WordCamp attendee badge

Ahmed Chaion

Organizer, Head of Business at ITclan BD

Alex Stine is a white male in his 20's.

Alex Stine

Organizer, Engineer at Waystar

Joe Hall is a middle aged man with a physical disability and dark brown hair wearing tan suit in front of red brick wall.

Joe Hall

Organizer, Owner & Founder of Hall Analysis

Ragavendra is a blind Indian male. He is wearing a suit and tie.

Raghavendra Satish Peri

Organizer, Director of Accessibility at UserWay

Vicent Sanchis

Vicent Sanchis

Organizer, Web & Digital Accessibility Consultant

Chris Hinds is a white man in his 30's with gray hair and a goatee.

Chris Hinds

Organizer, Finance Team Lead, COO of Equalize Digital

Want to be listed here in 2023?

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