Shaved head white guy in a white collared casual shirt trying his best to look pleasant.

Adrian Roselli

Consultant, Adrian Roselli LLC

Alicia is a bronze woman with freckles and extremely short hair to 1/4 inch, wearing a white summer dress. She is smiling in an outdoor tented area with a musician on stage in the background.

Alicia St Rose

Owner, WP with Heart

White woman with brown hair wearing small thick glasses and a blue/white striped knit shirt. She is smiling and posing in front of a picturesque quilt.

Amy Carney

Accessibility Specialist & Web Developer, Digilou

Andrija is a white man ih his late 20's with short black hair, dark-brown eyes and short facial hair on his chin

Andrija Radojev

Technical Website Builder III, GoDaddy

Anna Ingeborg

Anna Ingeborg Linnet

Communication and accessibility consultant, The Danish Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted

Anne-Mieke Bovelett is a white, blue-eyed woman, with long blond dreadlocks and turquoise coloured glasses and a lot of wrinkles from smiling.

Anne-Mieke Bovelett

Accessibility & Possibility Advocate, ANNEBOVELETT.EU

Annie is a pale-skinned, freckled, mid-40s woman with short dark blond hair and a quiet smile.

Annie Heckel

Electronic Information Technology Accessibility Manager, Cornell University

António Carreira is a typical Portuguese young man in his 50's, slightly overweighted and with a lot less hair than desired.

António Carreira

Web Developer, MindProcess

Bela has dark curly hair, a nose ring, and tattoos on both her arms

Bela Gaytan

Technical Instructional Designer, Pantheon

Carlos Cámara is a white man in his 40's with short black hair and a grey t-shirt with a joomla badge pinned.

Carlos Cámara

Web Developer, Hepta Technologies

Headshot of Colleen, who is white with brown hair, smiling.

Colleen Gratzer

Accessibility Educator, Specialist and Designer, Creative Boost and Gratzer Graphics LLC

Damon Cook wears glasses with a clear plastic frame and has light brown hair and a beard.

Damon Cook

Developer Advocate, WP Engine

Empish Thomas has brown skin and is wearing bright pink lipstick that perfectly matches the color of her blouse.

Empish Thomas

Freelance Writer and Blogger, Self Employed

Gary Aussant, a middle-age white man with close-shaved hair and friendly smile

Gary Aussant

Director of Digital Accessibility Consulting, Perkins Access

A portait-style photo of Graham in front of a white background. Graham has short hair and glasses.

Graham Armfield

Web Accessibility Consultant, Coolfields Consulting

Gregory is a young man with piercing blue eyes. He is wearing hearing aids.

Gregory Hammond

Website Consultant, Gregory J Development

Joe A Simpson Jr is a male of African descent wearing black frames and a beard.

Joe A Simpson Jr

Digital Communications Administrator, Metro (Los Angeles)

Katie Gleason is a woman. She's standing in front of a light green wall, smiling. She is wearing a black blazer with a blank shirt underneath, and her hair is bright pink.

Katie Gleason

Web Designer, WP Engine

Kelin Chauhan is a brown skinned Indian developer in his late 20's wearing a white shirt with blue coat, slightly smiling.

Kelin Chauhan

Senior Web Developer, rtCamp Solutions Pvt Ltd

Lazar, a blind man, wearing a blue button down shirt and using his laptop.

Lazar Bulatovic

Blind Public Speaking Coach, GlobalSpeak

Maciek is a white man in his 30's with dreadlocks, glasses and smile.

Maciek Palmowski

Development Advocate Analyst, Kinsta

Maxwell Ivey's avatar. Silhouette of him wearing a cape and standing in front of the globe on a dark background. He is holding a white cane in one hand. Text says "The Blind Blogger, What's Your Excuse?"

Maxwell Ivey

online media publicist, The Blind Blogger

Meg Miller is outside. The wind blows a lock of her brown hair across her face.

Meg Miller

Lead Developer/Accessibility Specialist, AccessiCart

Melanie is a white woman in her 40's with short reddish-brown hair. She is sitting in her wheelchair with a big smile on her face.

Melanie Hawkes

Video and Media Assistant, Department of Fire and Emergency Services Western Australia

Mike - a blond man, sitting on a park bench, wearing a sweater with a crocodile (or an alligator) on his chest, having a slightly thoughtful look.

Michal Ziemak

Project Manager, Cut2Code

Michele Butcher-Jones standing in front of Tampa Bay wearing a white shirt.

Michele Butcher-Jones

Head Geek, Can't Speak Geek

Morgan is a white woman with her long dark hair in a braid and a big smile.

Morgan Kay

Software Engineer, Rocketgenius

Nick is a white male in his early 40s. He has dark hair and beard with plenty of natural silver highlights.

Nick Croft

Lead Developer, ReaktivStudios

Nick has a beard and is wearing a black polo shirt.

Nick McClure

American Sign Language Interpreter

Head and shoulder shot of a white man with short hair and a beard. He's wearing a light blue shirt.

Nicolas Steenhout

Accessibility consultant, Part of a Whole

Nikole Garcia is a mid-40s female with short brown hair and a Marvel t-shirt.

Nikole Garcia

Full Stack Developer

Ole wearing a pink button down shirt

Ole Guldberg

ICT-Specialist, Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted (Denmark)

Peteris is a white man with medium brown hair and short beard. He is standing in front of the windowsill on which is a large, green houseplant.

Peteris Jurcenko

CEO/ UX designer/ accessibility expert, SIA Turn Digital

Piccia Neri is a white woman in her 50s, with long grey hair tied up at the back, wearing glasses and a smile in the sun.

Piccia Neri

Designer, speaker, educator and accessibility advocate, Piccia Neri/ Design for Conversions

Rian is a woman with bobbed brown hair and brown eyes

Rian Rietveld

Web Accessibility Specialist, Level Level

Rob Howard is a white man in his thirties with dark hair.

Rob Howard


Robert Jacobi is a white male with short brown hair, full beard, and handlebar mustache.

Robert Jacobi

Director, WordPress, Cloudways

Caucasion male with glasses, a smirky smile, and receding blonde hairline due to advancing colorful brain.

Ron Amick

Web Developer, Lucky Cat Creative

Sally Thoun is a smiling older white woman with salt n pepper hair in a ponytail to one side wearing blue glasses.

Sally Thoun

Owner / Head of U.S. Partnerships, Sa11y Gurl Digital Accessibility|Marketing / AAAtraq

Cartoon drawing of Sam Alderson on a Pride flag backgrounds

Sam Alderson

Social Media strategist, Yoast

Sandy has white hair and is dressed all in black; the sunglasses she wears since glaucoma surgery look kind of cool.

Sandy Feldman

Web Design, SandyFeldman.com

Stephen Plummer is a white man in his 30's with short, dark blonde hair, a shortly trimmed beard, and a friendly smile.

Stephen Plummer

Creative Manager, Perkins School for the Blind

Wearing her signature color purple, Sumner is a fair skinned female with a twinkle in her blue eyes which gives a hint to her passionate personality which matches her red hair.

Sumner Davenport

Specialist Web Accessibility, Sumner M Davenport & Assoc. LLC

Tamar Schapira is a mid aged, brown haired woman smiling and wearing a black t-shirt with the SenseIT logo on the left hand side.

Tamar Schapira

Co-founder & CEO, SenseIT