Thank you to the fantastic volunteers who are helping to make this year’s WordPress Accessibility Day conference possible.

Sporting a cowboy hat, glasses, and a backpack while attending a music festival, Carrie's flashing a big smile straight at the camera.

Carrie Dils

Front-End Developer and Instructor, Carrie Dils

Chanel is a black woman with glasses, curly dark brown hair, and a big smile.

Chanel Timberlake

FullStack Software Engineer, 100Devs

Chourouk is a 20 year old North African with 2 beautiful dimples and a headscarf

Chourouk Orabi


Damon Cook is a white male with glasses with short brown hair

Damon Cook

Developer Advocate, WP Engine

Danielle Zarcaro is a non-binary person with glasses, short dark hair, and a plaid button-up under a long sleeve shirt.

Danielle Zarcaro

Founder, Web Developer, Kinetic Iris

Devin is a white male in his mid 30's with brown eyes, reddish brown hair and a small beard of the same color.

Devin Egger

Sr. Software Developer, Howard Development & Consulting

Diana is a white woman with short straight brown hair and round eyeglasses with brown metal frames.

Diana Thompson

WordPress developer, Resourceful Digital

Gabriel Kanev is a white man in his mid 20's with short black hair and a slight smile. He is wearing a formal shirt and speaking in a conference in his town. (Ruseconf 2019)

Gabriel Kanev

Owner, MGKNeT

Jenna Charlton a white non-binary person with pink hair and pink glasses looking into the camera drinking from a blue coffee mug with gold text "cheers queers.” 

Jenna Charlton

Product Leader, Functionize

Jay is a white female in her early 40's with short dark hair. She is wearing glasses and a large smile.

Jessica McKay

Director of Community Programs, Knowbility

Kelsey Bronski

Kelsey Bronski

Marketing Manager, Perkins School for the Blind

Keri Jacoby is a white female with light brown hair who still rocks a side part.

Keri Jacoby

Customer Support Manager, Paid Memberships Pro

Kim Coleman is a middle aged woman with medium length, curly brown hair, blue eyes. Kim is in a close up face-framing headshot looking directly at the camera.

Kim Coleman

Managing Director, Paid Memberships Pro

Lucy is a white woman in her 50s with dark, wavy hair. She is smiling and looking off to the side of the camera.

Lucy Davies

Website developer, Websites by Lucy

Michele Butcher-Jones standing in front of Tampa Bay wearing a white shirt.

Michele Butcher-Jones

Founder and Head Geek, Can't Speak Geek

Monica is a female in her 30's with brunette hair, fair skin, and a friendly smile.

Monica Amason

Customer Success Manager, WP Engine

Ryan Bracey is a white man in his 30's with short dark hair. He is standing outside and smiling in front of an ivy covered wall.

Ryan Bracey

Director, Web Development & User Experience, Second Melody

Sheeba Abraham, Freelance WordPress developer.

Sheeba Abraham

Freelance Developer, iSheeba.com

Silver Bowen is a middle aged white male with long curly hair and blue eyes.

Silver Bowen

Sr Engineer, WP Engine

Yikai Peng is an Asian woman in her 20's with black hair and a friendly smile.

Yikai Peng

Web Admin, Circuit Media